Day 255: Half begun

It’s been quite a few days since we’ve been able to go work out, and I was feeling especially ready to go to the gym when I got home from work tonight. I’m definitely not the athletic type, but I’ve enjoyed the process of working out, and the stress seems to melt away by the time I’m done.

What are they called? Endorphins? I think that’s the feel-good chemical that comes following a work out. Whatever that chemical is, I may be starting an addiction to it.There don’t seem to be any excuses for the first time, and looking forward to exercise (which used to be an oxymoron for me) is becoming more common. What? Am I sure I’m talking about me?

I’m not even working out that much. I do a few minutes of stretching. Then I work on my abs at a couple of stations. I move next to the recumbent bicycle (for 18 minutes tonight!) I wrap up with lifting some little weights to tone up my flabby waving muscle (the one that jiggles when you wave). I don’t know enough about exercise to do different things…I just tried out a lot of different stations during my first week, and those 4 things were the things I liked the best.

I’m usually done working out before my daughter-in-love is. She has good endurance on the treadmill, elliptical, and bicycle, and she spends much more time at doing those cardio-type things than I do at my whole routine. So I go get a hydromassage or a chair massage while she finishes up her routine.

Tonight, following the massage, I went back on the floor, and we were just standing around talking about whether we were done or not. Since we hadn’t decided, I hopped on a new machine and gave it a spin. It felt a little like cross-country skiing, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing it right, but after 5 minutes of that, my backside was really feeling it.

I’m not sure I’ll walk tomorrow, but I left the gym feeling super light. Who knew that I would like something athletic?? We came home and made up a yummy salad. It was the perfect ending to the evening!

DAY 255 HOMEWORK: Maybe the moral to this story is just start something. I’ve thought about joining a gym for a long time, but didn’t think I’d like it, so I never did it. What else have I thought about, but not done? Join me in the challenge to just start. I was thinking about quoting Well begun is half done, but it came out Half begun is nearly done. I think I like my version better. Even “sort of starting” can take you to a new level. You may be surprised by where you end up.


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