Day 256: Time suckers

I love music and always have, but I’m not one to have it on 24/7. If I’m at home alone, I enjoy the silence, so I often won’t turn on the TV or any music. I rarely use headphones. In fact, just about the only time I listen to music is in the car on my way to and from work. Of course, living in the Nashville Metropolitan area, that commute can sometimes be a long one, so I can get an hour or two of music-listening in every day.

Today, I was listening to the radio, and the hosts were talking about social media, and how sometimes we need to take a break from it for a while. My ears perked up, because that was how I started out this blog on Day 1. The girl host was saying that she’s taking a break because when she gets on social media, she just compares herself to others, and it makes her feel bad. The guy host was saying, that while he didn’t compare himself with others, he could get sucked in pretty quickly, even with a short check of his account…20 minutes later, he checks the time and wonders where it went.

I think that’s what bothers me the most about social media. Five minutes can turn into 40 and it can turn into a couple of hours if we’re not diligent. One day, I found myself looking at the same posts over and over again, and realized that I was using social media as an excuse to hide from life. So I started looking at my “friend” list and unfollowed a bunch of them…the ones who never contacted me, didn’t respond to my posts, shared junk non-stop, and just filled up my page with a lot of clutter. Like my closets need decluttering, my wall definitely needed help.

Unfollowing isn’t the same as unfriending. It just means someone’s stuff doesn’t show up first in your feed. I can still contact them as I think of them or if I need to send them a birthday wish, or whatever. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them. By no means! It just focused my feed to edifying posts and pics of my nieces and nephews and kids of dear friends. I can get through my newsfeed in a few minutes a day, and so what if I don’t see the latest news? I’m much better off for simplifying.

I don’t think I’ve watched TV in the last 8 weeks either, and I’ve gained so much time in the evenings to work out and chat with family. I’m not surrounded by the negativity of the news, and though I may not quite get Brexit, I am developing stronger bonds with those around me. And that’s where it counts!

DAY 256 HOMEWORK: How about decluttering your newsfeed? Look at your list of “friends” and pay attention to those you know but who don’t really dialog with you. It’s OK to unfollow them so they move down the list of priorities in your newsfeed. If you click the little down-arrow to the right of someone’s name, you can click the “unfollow” button to start paring down your list. It’ll work wonders for your time schedule, and get you off the wall in much quicker fashion, if you just give it a little effort.



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