Day 258: A walk down history lane

We watched Selma tonight. Wow! What a powerful film. The story took place in the year I was born, so I didn’t know a lot of the history involved. Of course, I had studied some of the big events of civil rights in school, but watching this film tonight, I felt I was immersed in Selma, Alabama…in the hatred, in the evil of men’s hearts, and in the patience of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I won’t give the movie away, if you haven’t seen it (it’s historical…can I really give it away?), but I would like to chat about a few things I saw in relationship to kindreds as well as perseverance in the midst of discouragement.

One of the things that impressed me was the portrayal of Dr. King. It’s tough to feel like you have a vision for something, and yet all you get is problems and even hatred. Yet Dr. King kept going, even when he wanted to quit. Even though he knew he might face opposition or even death. To have that single-minded vision and commitment to that vision is worthy of emulating. Even if your vision is not as noble as Dr. King’s, if you were given a vision, then you should go after it with all you have, even when you face obstacles.

The other thing that I kept noticing was the people who surrounded Dr. King. He had an advisory board within his kindred circle. His kindreds had his back, yet pushed him when he needed it. They weren’t afraid to voice their opinions. They weren’t afraid to go up against the “fame” that followed Dr. King, and they helped to keep him grounded. We need kindreds like that: people who speak the truth in love; people who will support, yet tell you if they think you’re crazy. Pushing us to greater things, yet keeping us from going off the path.

I read a sign on someone’s office wall today that said: “Stay away from negative people. They always have a problem for every solution.” It made me smile, but it also made me think about how if we don’t have that positive influence around us, we can easily get dragged down into the negative. Dr. King’s kindreds were a positive solution in the midst of his negativity.

I thought it was a great movie, and I’ll give it two thumbs up!

DAY 258 HOMEWORK: Do you have a single-mindedness for your visions? If not, what can you to be more focused? And what kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? Aim for an advisory board of kindreds that is full of positivity and solutions, who will have your back and speak the truth to you when you need it.


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