Day 259: Long weekend to-dos

Ahhhh…a long weekend. I came home from work early today to a mowed lawn, and it felt like just a little bit of heaven. Time off and a neat yard. So as I sit here in my quiet house, I’m thinking of all the projects I’d like to get done this weekend. I think it will be the perfect time to get some stuff done if I don’t waste the weekend being lazy.

Of course, some laziness is called for. Otherwise, how do you recuperate? I surely don’t want to fill up every minute with projects, but I’m quite sure I should start making a list so I can have some definite goals to work towards.

My backyard is needing some weeding. And I bought one of those dumpster bags at the home improvement store. I’d like to go through some corners and dejunk. As I do that, I think I’ll post on our neighborhood page that anyone is welcome to dumpster dive if they want. I’m sure there will be some good junk that we throw out. I may ask for any of the dumpster divers to come to the door and introduce themselves. I really would like to get to know more people in the neighborhood.

I’ll need to do a little grocery shopping. and I’d like to do some cleaning. That doesn’t sound like too much for a long weekend, does it? Of course, there will be fireworks somewhere in almost all the surrounding towns, so we could probably see fireworks 4 nights in a row. That will probably mean that people will be shooting them off late into the night, but I’m ok with that. It will feel like a long weekend.

The last thing we’re planning is a day to celebrate my niece’s 21st birthday. With all the different work schedules in my house, we’ll have to do it sometime other than her actually birthday, but it’ll be ok.

The good thing about a long weekend is a short work week next week. All that together makes me smile. I may not get all of my to-do list done, but that’s ok, too. At least, there’s a goal to work towards, and that’s what matters.

DAY 259 HOMEWORK: Have a safe and super Independence Day long weekend! Get your to-do list made, but don’t forget to relax and have fun as you meet with your kindreds.


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