Day 260: Don’t sit home!

What I love about the 4th of July being on a Monday is that we can have a whole weekend of festivities. Last night (Friday), my niece had to work, so we went to our town’s fireworks without her. Still, we had fun and enjoyed a great display, and we even left most of our gadgets in the car so we could actually enjoy each other’s company more freely.

Today (Saturday), my daughter-in-love had to work but my niece was off, so we went into my sister’s town and got to see fireworks for a second time. Last night, we sat farther away; tonight, we were practically at the epicenter, so I laid on the ground and looked up at the fireworks filling the sky. I love seeing them wash over the sky as if they were falling all around me, and I love the big booms that make my heart pound. The weather was perfect, and it just seemed like summer.

Tomorrow (Sunday), everyone is off work, so we can try to find fireworks somewhere that all of us can enjoy together. And we haven’t even gotten to the actual holiday yet!

This type of holiday and the way it fell this year is perfect for celebrating again and again. It’s good to spend time with those you love and take some time to relax.

DAY 260 HOMEWORK: Enjoy the long weekend and take some time to c celebrate again and again. Don’t sit home! Get out and enjoy it while you have the chance.


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