Day 266: Enjoying cultivating

Spending time with family does the heart good. We’re on the way to Branson, Missouri, to see a play about Moses. I’m excited because our pastor has been preaching on the Plagues this summer, so I’m interested to see how what I’m learning is translated in the arts.

Today, we’re with my father and two of my brothers (and families), and tomorrow another brother and my uncle’s family and my sister’s daughter’s family will all join us. It’s by no means all of us but it’s a pretty good representation. We have to take advantage of any chance we get to be together!

I enjoy watching my nieces and nephews, in these kinds of opportunities, as they grow up. They are such loving kids. They’re not at all afraid to participate in the conversations, and I love that they will love on me, even as teenagers.

I wish all the family could be together this weekend, but obligations sometimes get in the way. Nevertheless, those of us who are here will cultivate these moments.

I’ll let you know how much I like the plagues. 🙂

DAY 266 HOMEWORK: Got family? Find a bit of time to cultivate some moments together.


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