Day 267: the long and short of it

It was the longest day, but not in a bad way. It’s amazing how slow time can go when you have no cell service. You just put your phone up and forget that technology exists. You have no alternative. We actually enjoyed each other’s company and had great conversations.

I had forgotten how slowly time can go when you have solitude and communion with nature. Some swam in the creek; we took tours of the neighbor’s incredible, restored 1880s farm; we rode 4-wheelers, and hiked trails. My dad and his brother worked on a Model-A and a Model-T and took them for a spin. We had a bonfire and made s’mores.

The weather report called for 80% chance of rain but it was sunshiny all day. With high humidity, we were all hot and sticky, and probably not smelling so well, but we all love each other and put up with each other’s idiosyncrasies. We can surely put up with each other’s stickiness and smelliness.

Tomorrow’s already the day when most everyone goes home. It’s been a long, delightful visit and yet so short. It is the oxymoron that is family time. Now, if I can just find a cell signal strong enough to post this.

DAY 267 HOMEWORK: Try a day without technology. Spend the time with someone you love and see how the hands on the clock see to stand still so you can enjoy it.


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