Day 268: A living example of finding kindreds

Little sleep, lots of fresh air; catching-up time and meeting-new-friend time…even being exhausted and sunburnt and a bit square from a 7-hour car ride home, it all brings a smile to my face. I’m sure I’ll be having sweet dreams tonight, thinking about all the family relationship-building we did this weekend. As I combed through everyone’s pictures tonight, Missouri seems so far away, but the moments are burned onto my mind.

Before we left today, we gathered at my brother’s neighbor’s farm for a delicious cookout. My brother went to college with Steve, and he and his wife, Dana, are the ones I mentioned yesterday, who restored their old farmhouse into a beautiful work of art. I chatted with Dana for a few minutes at lunch, and she was telling about her pastor’s sermon this morning about all the crazy racist crimes going on right now. She said the pastor mentioned that scripture I referenced the other day about people being lovers of themselves. Her commentary: “People have lost the art of conversation and building relationships one-on-one.” I thought, “Wow…you are spot on about that. You’re a great example of how to do it right, and you’re really up my alley since I’ve been writing about that for the past year.” Of course, it’s what my mind has been dwelling on most of the rest of the day, and why she ended up as the main subject of my blog tonight.

When you find people who validate what you keep harping on, then you know you’ve found a great example to follow. What Dana seems to be gifted at: opening her home, telling good stories of the renovation of the farm; being a gracious hostess; and connecting in personal relationships. It’s so refreshing to see what you’ve been saying in action.

DAY 268 HOMEWORK: I’m going off to have sweet dreams. You dream of being the finding kindreds example in your sphere of influence. Don’t over do it. Just try one thing



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