Day 270: Treasures for a rainy day

As tired as I have been from this weekend’s family reunion, I can’t keep myself from spending the time I have left with my brother, his family, and my dad. Even now, with my brother leaving in the morning, I want to be out in the other room with them, watching a movie and just being where they are. But work calls to me, and my eyes are drawing shut so that I can function, somewhat, tomorrow.

My dad will be in Tennessee for another week or two, and he’ll likely be heading to my sister’s home soon to help her with her renovations. But even if he decides to head there tomorrow, my heart is full of the moments we’ve had together. I close my eyes and I have the memory of a short dance in the kitchen. I see the care with which he taught me how to use tools yesterday. I taste the delicious omelet he’s made for me. I feel the warmth of his hugs, and his prayers over me. And I look up to see the project he has so lovingly finished for me, and I know I will be smiling over those things even long after he has flown home.

Then, there is my sister. Tonight, we all headed over there for dinner, even though she has no cupboards, she’s been at a conference since Sunday, and she’s dogged tired. Always the gracious host, we laughed, and played games, and dreamed dreams together. I know the renovations they’re doing in their home is causing stress, but they’re weathering it well, and it will be incredibly beautiful when they’re done. My brother-in-law is working non-stop to get it finished, and this man with the patience of Job is wearing a little thin, so it reminds me that stress can be strong, even for the mightiest amongst us.

I don’t ever think you get too old for your siblings, and to fold into your daddy’s arms. These moments are making imprints my heart and I’m treasuring them up so that I can bring them out on a rainy day.

DAY 270 HOMEWORK: What are you treasuring up in your heart? Take mental snapshots. See those expression lines in people’s faces; memorize the sound of laughter; stop to pay attention to the song of a bird, or to stare a bit longer at the moon. You may need those snapshots for a rainy day.



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