Day 274: Projects and more projects

I pulled an almost-all-nighter last night in order to get a project off my plate. Frankly, I’m getting a little too old for almost-all-nighters. It was around 3 when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, so I slept hard for 3 hours and got up again early morning to finish it off. I wrapped the project up around 11:30. I felt yucky, but it was so nice to have it done.

My sister was tearing out walls in her kitchen and wanted help in the morning, and I love renovation, so my brain said yes (actually, my mouth also said yes), but my eyes wouldn’t let me go. I laid down after my project was finished and slept hard again until mid-afternoon. Finally I felt clear-headed enough to go out. After running a few errands, I got to my sister’s house around 4. Better late than never.

While our father and my brother-in-law were rerouting the water for the refrigerator’s new home, my sister and I started cleaning out her pantry. When we got it emptied and organized for easy access the new few weeks, we started on the demolition. We pulled off trim and took off the bi-fold doors. Then we started to rip out the drywall. Her house was built in the 80s so the building materials were sturdy, and they used gazillion nails to hold everything down. I’m not sure a tornado would have torn that pantry down.

My goal was to get it down to the studs, so when I left her house at 9:30 tonight, I felt very proud of what we had accomplished. It’s so nice to see renovation unfolding: tearing down and building back up; taking something tired and making it fresh and more usable to your own liking. Renovation feels just as nice in a home as it does when you renovate yourself…at least it does for me. And I can’t wait to see her project as it progresses. I know it’s going to be beautiful.

DAY 274 HOMEWORK: Lending a hand to someone in need makes you feel good and helps them out, so see what you can do this week to volunteer a few of your hours of your time for someone else’s benefit.


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