Day 276: Gray skies are going to clear up

Some days are tougher than others. There may not be any particular reason. They just are. I suppose there could be some subconscious, fleeting moments that create moods or feelings that pop up out of nowhere, maybe a smell, or a glance at something in the peripheral vision, but I’m not a psychologist, so I don’t really know. I probably would have been a pretty good psychologist though. Human behavior intrigues me. And I like to think I’m fairly self-aware, so maybe I should know the little triggers that make some sunshiny days feel a bit cloudy.

I’ve been pondering that today. I got tons of projects done at work, so I’m not quite sure how I had time to ponder, but I did. Was it the dreams I had last night? Was it the double scoop waffle cone I had late last night in honor of National Ice Cream Day? (surely not). Was it just being a little more tired than usual? Was it the anticipation of the start of 6 weeks of a heavy work load, big projects, keeping many balls in the air? It may have been a combination of all those things, plus other junk mixed in, but in the midst of a tough day, I had some moments of brightness: hearing briefly from friends; a pleasant conversation; a silly cat video that made me smile. The thoughts of my little brother on his birthday. The light traffic on the way home. A chat with my sweet niece. Some delicious chocolate before dinner.

Looking at the day in the rear-view mirror, I’d say it was a pretty good one, productive and with a nice balance of clouds and sunshine. As I lay here, I could obsess over the moments that were not as nice, but why? I had just as many or more that were nice, so I’m choosing to dwell on those. And that, that has made all the difference.

DAY 276 HOMEWORK: I’m wondering if you know what triggers your cloudy days. Think about that. When you can identify them or even some part of them, it makes it easier to help yourself out of the clouds and to move over towards the sunshine. It’s literally a state of mind. Help yourself!


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