Day 277: Training your brain

There’s a certain buzz that happens when I connect with someone emotionally. I can be going along in my day with no connections. The feeling is neutral, neither good nor bad.

But I noticed several times today, that when I had an emotional connection to someone, (in this context, I was feeling the same emotion as the person I was talking to), I noticed a little buzz that happened. It was nearly palpable.

Maybe it was like a brainwave bouncing between the two of us, or maybe it was just a quickening in the heart because of the similar feelings being duplicated in our midst. Maybe it was the sixth sense uniting us in the moment, or maybe it was simply a moment of pleasure for two humans in a single minute in time agreeing on a thought and expressing it together.

But if it was pleasure in a moment of agreement, it buzzed. Maybe not physically, out loud, but maybe like a buzz when you’re near an electrical field. Do you know what I mean? When your hair stands on end? When you get goosebumps from something strange? Those odd connections you feel when you have a deja vu?

They say we only use a tenth of our brain, but I think sometimes when these moments of connection happen, that we are accessing a part of our brains that is in the 90% unused. What if we could unlock only 5 or 10% more? What if we could connect more emotionally with others? Would there be more peace? more love? more kindness in this world? I’m only supposing, but it’s a nice to wonder about.

DAY 277 HOMEWORK: If you’ve never noticed the buzz before, pay attention to a moment in your day when you truly connect with someone else on an emotional level. Take a few seconds to notice that sixth sense buzzing around. The more we notice it, the more we’ll build awareness of the connections we’re making.


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