Day 279: 3 things tonight

I had three things I wanted to do tonight, but only got to two of them. I’m really disappointed I didn’t get to the third, because the third thing was a community event, and I’d really like to get more involved in my community. But that event started at 6:30 and I left work at 6:15 so there was no way for me to make it, even if I tried really hard. Maybe next time on that one.

The second thing I wanted to do tonight was to get over to spend a little time with my dad while he’s still in Tennessee. He’s helping with my sister’s renovation and staying over there now, so my sweet niece and I jumped in the car and drove over to my sister’s house. We spent a few minutes there seeing the progress on the project. It’s really coming along, and they should be done with it in about a month or so. I’m so excited for them!  We got to love on dad (grandpa) for a few minutes, and then headed home.

Finally, I wanted to watch the Trump speech tonight. I’ll admit that I don’t like politics, at all, and I don’t like our options this year, but I do like to hear the convention speeches to make my own informed opinions. I’ll watch the Clinton speech next week too, but I don’t like her either. One thing that made tonight’s speech more entertaining is that I was following a twitter feed during the speech that two body language experts were hosting. One of the guys is a interrogator for the TBI and I met him at a work luncheon last fall. Fascinating guy! I find the study of body language to be really interesting so I’ve been reading a lot of his work. Anyway, the two experts were watching the speech, too, and tweeting what they were noticing in terms of body language. They have already studied Trump’s body language from various videos in his past, so they could comment on body language he’s become accustomed to, and they could tell when he was getting comfortable in the speech. The running commentary opened up the speech as a lesson in psychology as well as a political speech. I thought Trump was confident, but yet he showed a bit of humility, which I would have never thought possible, and he said some things that many Americans want to hear right now. I’m now looking forward to the Clinton speech next week.

Two things I know about politics: 1). not voting isn’t an option. I want my right to complain, and I have no right to do that if I don’t cast a vote. 2). It’s God who puts rulers in their places and it’s God who brings them down. My vote won’t sway God’s plan for the next 4 years, but He does expect me to participate. So I will. I will listen to their words and look at my options and I’ll make a decision based on what I feel is best. I’m not going to argue about it, nor am I going to shame people for who they choose. That’s what makes politics ugly, and what makes you start to dislike people you might otherwise be fond of. In the end, it’s this chance to choose that makes me proud to be an American.

DAY 279 HOMEWORK: If you don’t watch the nominees’ speeches, then you should. How else will you be informed of the stances of the politicians? Keep an open mind, and don’t take your opinions from someone who’s guilting you, nor from the media. Whatever you do, don’t skip out on this vote! Your voice matters!



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