Day 280: The paradox

I’m not sure that I thought blogging every day would be this hard. I mean, I write for a living (at least part of every day), so how hard could it be to sit down every night and knock out 300 or so words on how I see people needing one another, and being OK with who they are, as is? Some days it’s really hard! I can spend an hour or two writing a corporate communication email, so it shouldn’t surprise me that putting myself out here night after night, to talk about life so freely (read as without perfection), is most often painful. I know that not everything I’m writing is good writing. I know that not everything makes sense. So that you come back and visit with me from time-to-time makes me feel honored.

I have a quote on my desk, one that’s usually attributed to Mark Twain (but what isn’t?). It was actually written by Blaise Pascal, a French theologian, in the 1600s. It sounds sort of silly, but it makes me think about what I’m doing everyday.

“I would have written you a shorter letter, but I ran out of time” (my paraphrase).

It’s paradoxical, right? But if you really consider the sentence, it speaks to how important good editing is. Anybody can write what’s on their brain, whether it’s good or not. It takes skill to say just the right thing; it takes time to choose just the right words.

I’m really good at my job, and love to do it well. On the other hand, despite the days that I don’t want to blog, or can’t think of anything interesting to share, I am glad to have this place to practice my imperfection. To ramble if I want. To take the longer, bumpy road, rather than the short, perfect one. Looks like I’m out of time, so this is as good as it gets for tonight.

DAY 280 HOMEWORK: Despite being hard, do it anyway (whatever it is for you), even if you run out of time.


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