Day 282: An animated visit

My nephew from West Virginia and his family, and my niece from the Kansas City area (with her kids) are at my sister’s home. Of course, my dad is still there. So we decided to go pay them a visit this afternoon. What’s four more people in a house full of people, undergoing renovation. No one would barely notice us there. 🙂 We had a great time catching up, playing with the five little boys, and snuggling with the new baby girl.

After a meal, we watched Zootopia. The kids and I sat spellbound through this well-crafted animation. A couple of other adults watched along, and some slept through it. This movie was actually on my To Watch list, so I was glad for the opportunity to watch it with the kiddos.

Most of the more recent animations are really written for adults, and just crafted to entertain kids. This one was no different. The themes were very adult: don’t judge, don’t let prejudice determine your behavior, be a true friend. Har. har. As I write that, I realize those themes are very human, no matter the age. My daughter-in-love felt it was a little too scary for little ones, and I’ll admit that I did jump at one point. Maybe I did scream.

For this animation to be released now, it had to have taken at least 2 years to make, but the timeliness of the film with all the police hatred right now was so on target. It’s almost as if the makers of the film could see into the future and produce something that is so supportive of our police forces, and these themes speak loudly to current events. It was done well, and with humor, suspense, and great animation, I hope it wins some accolades.

DAY 282 HOMEWORK: If you’ve not had a chance to see it, I’d recommend Zootopia. Watch it with an open mind, and try to put yourself and the people you interact with in the characters. Who do you need to change your attitudes about?


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