Day 283: Stream-of-consciousness To-Do

I’m entering a busy season at work. I’m not sure when I really have a “not-busy” season, but these days are feeling particularly hectic. I just came off of writing a policy manual and redoing our handbook, neither of which are done, but the policy manual should be done later this week, and handbook is on hold, again…for now. We are starting our communication plan for our Associate Survey, which will launch at the end of August. That means videos, and fliers, and emails, and little bits of information in various places. We also have to design two postcards to mail out to associates to prod them to take the survey. We’re trying to get our next magazine done this week. That means writing lots of articles and prepping graphics for my sr. designer to drop into the layout. The articles have to look forward to the Survey, but also look back and sum up the past 5 months or so. We’re beginning a test phase of a new communications app we want to roll out in January. It’s very exciting, but we have prep work to do to get it all working right for the test group, and then we’ll keep our fingers crossed that everyone likes it enough to move forward. I have some negotiating to do with one vendor we have just chosen for our recognition app. This software will plug into our communication app (hopefully), so our associates have only one place to go for all things. We also have a new AVP of HR starting next week, so we’re preparing for his arrival. That means getting 500 t-shirts distributed this week which happen to be housed currently in his new office. Besides that, I’ve got to have our 2017 HR Roadmap all ready to go for a strategy meeting next week. Somehow, I don’t think that’s everything. For sure, it doesn’t count the normal everyday duties that we have, or our normal weekly routines.

When I look at this list, it’s no wonder I’m tired! I needed to write it out so I could reaffirm that I have a right to be exhausted, but we’ll keep going, breathing deeply as we go along. It will all get done, and done well. But if you see me yawning, you’ll know why.

DAY 283 HOMEWORK: Sometimes just listing out the stuff you have to do can give your mind the breathing room it needs. If you’ve got a ton on your plate, it’s ok to give yourself some grace. Take things a bit at a time, and breathe through it. You’ll get it done, and done well.


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