Day 286: The unexplainable

Tonight was a quiet night at home. I got the joy of spending an hour or so in a conversation with a kindred: my sweet niece, Katee. Let me explain Katee to you, as if she were at all explainable. She is the middle child of my oldest brother, and his wife Karen. Katee’s at that beautiful age of 21, where she knows stuff about her adult self, and is yet to discover herself, if that makes sense. It’s such an uncertain time, but truthfully, I love being in that phase. It didn’t happen to me at 21 (I was much older); but it has happened quiet a few times in my life. When it’s a phase you’re in, you want to be out of it, but there’s a tension that is unfolding as you can sense something right around the corner, and you sort of want the linger there, in expectancy, but it’s annoying too.

Katie and I have a lot in common. We both have an enduring love and a soft spot for her grumpy father (my oldest brother, who pretends like he doesn’t have a big heart). We both love to dance in the rain. We both like to laugh. We both love nature, but she obviously loves animals WAY more than I do. We are both resilient.

I’m enjoying these days with her, watching as she’s unfolding, because I know there is something great in store for her. I don’t know what it is either, but we’re here, walking through life together, enjoying moments, and watching for it.

She made me chuckle as she went off to bed: “Here I am, pretending to go to bed now, so that you can get up and go to bed too,” she joked. She knows me too well. I would have been there another hour or two soaking in our moments, but work calls to me. So I, too, got up and headed to my room.

DAY 286 HOMEWORK: You don’t have to look far sometimes, to find your kindreds. They’re probably right under your nose. Take a look around, and then savor your moments.


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