Day 289: Cultivating time

After church this morning, we discussed going out to eat, but getting 10 people to a place and sitting down on a Sunday afternoon (especially in the South) would take some time. So I picked up some steaks and some corn-on-the-cob, and figured a few things like that would be much cheaper, and much less hassle, than a restaurant.

It was a good idea. I dug out some toys for the little ones, and realized my home is not too childproof. I had forgotten how little hands like to explore everything they can see. They kept entertained by the toys, while most everyone pitched in. Within about 40 minutes, we were sitting down to a yummy meal.

It was so pleasant to be enjoying these last days together. My sister and her husband, both teachers, head back to school tomorrow. My niece and her 3 kids are heading back towards Kansas City area tomorrow. And my dad will be flying home. With the first of August, though the sunny days and heat will persist, it seems summer is winding down.

I’m looking forward to getting back to a routine of sorts, working to organize around some of these projects we’ve completed together, but I will miss these days of togetherness and family fun. I have savored them. Hugging on to little babies, loving on my nieces and nephews, and learning from my father, who will be teaching his children as long as he has breath. This we know, and this we soak in. Today, and as long as we can.

DAY 289 HOMEWORK: You may look at things that need to get done. It’s ok to let them go sometimes, especially when you have kindreds around that you need to cultivate time with. You can come back to the rest when your routine starts up again. Trust me…it’ll be there when you get back to it, but the guests are not there forever.


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