Day 291: Despite the fog

The last week and a half have been Magazine days. Tonight, before we left work, we called the magazine DONE, and sent it to the printer. Ah…I have to sigh. So pleased, and so exhausted.

My team publishes a company magazine 3 or 4 times a year, and then we produce our parent company’s magazine twice a year, so in Magazine days (our production period), we all run on an empty tank. We work odd hours, staying late or coming in early. We get focused in on our work product, and seem to tune out the rest of the world. I have to admit that researching, interviewing, writing, converting files, designing, and then editing at this intensity makes me not want to look at words ever again. Ever!

So here I sit, writing this blog.

My brain hurts and I don’t want to produce more words. But yet the words come and expect to appear on the page. And despite the fog, I find sweet pleasure in the accomplishment. A glossy magazine in hand. An encouraging word from a friend who has read the blog. The words which define my moment in time, live and breathe, and they beg for an outlet. Even when I come to the blank page kicking and screaming, the words find their way to the page. It’s a secret. It’s a mystery. I don’t know from what dry well they come, but they do. And despite the fog, I find sweet pleasure in the accomplishment.

For tonight, I give my tired brain a rest. I will do some manual labor, and then I will vegetate for a little while. Tomorrow is a new day for new words, despite the fog.

DAY 291 HOMEWORK: Like me, I know sometimes you get tired to the point your brain hurts. It’s fine to give it a rest. Be happy in what you’ve accomplished, but give yourself grace to recuperate.


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