Day 292: Ball Pit Kindreds

My sister shared a video with me today that I thought was very cool. It was one she had seen earlier today at her school as a basis for a teamwork exercise, but I thought it had great insight to add to my topics on Finding Kindreds. So my blog will be very short tonight. I really want you to watch the video, and I’ve got a few comments on the other side:


  1. I like that these people were adventurous enough to sit in a ball pit in the middle of an urban setting, and they put themselves out there, not knowing the outcome. I can learn a lot just from that example alone.
  2. I like that they were not being PC. They were just sharing who they were, what they believed, without being offensive and without being offended. It gets so tiring tiptoeing around everyone these days, and still listening to all the offended who complain offensively.
  3. I really enjoyed the diversity of thought, the diversity of age, the diversity of skin tone, and the unity in the discussion. The laughter was easy, and so were the hugs at the end of the conversation. Taking a bit of time to listen to someone and to know who they are builds a foundation for Finding Kindreds.

DAY 292 HOMEWORK: I know you’re not likely to find a ball pit sitting around for you to jump into with some random stranger. But it would be good for you to think about this experiment. What can you learn from it? What would happen if you took a few minutes to know who someone is, and you just appreciated them in that moment?


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