Day 294: Reality check self-importance

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of showing one of our future Captains around our home office. He and his fiancé were in town from IL, and he had just had his physical to finish up that requirement for licensing. I had done a story on him for our recent magazine, so when he came to town, he knew he could call on me for a look around the office. And I was glad he did.

As I introduced him around the building, some people already knew him, but had only spoken to him on the phone. Some people knew his Captain, or his crew, or had been on his boat. And many were meeting him for the first time. But as I showed them around, floor by floor, I was amazed at his ability to offer insight as he spoke with people, and how willing he was to learn from those in the office.

“There are a lot more moving parts than I imagined,” he mused. Yes, we are small but mighty, and it can take a village to keep all those boats moving up and down the rivers, but even with the size of the office and the amenities we are spoiled by, we wouldn’t have jobs without those crew members who live and work on the vessels. Crew by crew, and boat by boat, they are the ones who pay the bills. They are the critical ones for our business. It is not those of us who sit in the the air-conditioned ivory tower, and make plans. While we are helpful and necessary to the business, we can sometimes get full of self-importance at headquarters. It was nice to see our coworkers honoring this guy who works really hard, physically, for us to be able to support ourselves and our loved ones. (Of course, they’re supporting themselves and their families too. They’re not working for free!)

On a side note, he and his fiancé live close to my brother, so I showed them some of the projects my brother is working on, and connected them to him and his website, another avenue for finding kindreds. It really is a small world.

DAY 294 HOMEWORK: I know good customer service isn’t easy to come by these days, but don’t forget that others work hard to make life good for you. So, don’t get too big for your britches. It might be at the fast food place, or the police station, or the doctor’s office.  If we remember this, we may be able to tone down our frustrations a bit when things get a little upside down.


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