Day 297: Human Humor

There’s a comedienne, named Angelah Johnson, we like. She became famous a few years ago with a viral video about going to the nail salon. If you haven’t seen it, you need to look it up. She imitates a Vietnamese nail artist very well.

Today, my daughter-in-love sent me a link to a more recent set of Angelah’s and near the end of the set, she brought up the nail salon jokes again. She has an uncanny way of picking up accents of foreigners trying to speak English. It some of her best stuff.

Angelah said she was Mexican but that she doesn’t speak Spanish. She has a Latino accent that comes and goes, so it is surprising that she doesn’t speak Spanish. In doing a bit of research, I found she is married to a rap artist, from Puerto Rico, who is the lead of Group 1 Crew.

What I like about Angelah’s sets is that she’s very multicultural. I actually love that. Despite the humor and the jokes about other cultures, I don’t take offense at it. She jokes equally about any culture so there’s no need to get mad. You can tell that she’s someone who finds joy in all cultures. And that all cultures give us something to laugh at, because humans give us something to laugh at.

Since I was young, I’ve loved learning about different cultures, and I’ve loved knowing people from other cultures. When we can be open-minded about other cultures, it broadens our views, and produces more empathy for others. And when we learn more about other cultures, we find out just how very similar we are.

DAY 297 HOMEWORK: Take a few minutes to learn something new about someone from a culture that’s different than yours. Share your culture as well, and build some empathy…and maybe even find a kindred.



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