Day 298: I need to work out more often

My daughter-in-love and I decided to go work out tonight. So I got dressed, and grabbed my tennies. I tried to put my foot in the right shoe, and I found a mouse! Obviously, I hadn’t been to the gym for over 9 days because my niece and her kids left here last weekend. Shame on me!

What do they have to do with the mouse?

Last week, I found a bear in my bed, and a frog in my oven mitt. I found a rhinoceros in my sock drawer. There was a dog under my pillow. The zoo just keeps turning up. And I laugh…every time I come across a new hiding place.

When they were in town, my niece’s kids were playing with the only stash of kids’ toys I have in the house: beanie babies from when my son was little. A group of us were going shopping, and they left my home after I did. I can only imagine that at my niece’s creative-mother level, she encouraged her kids to pick up the toys and “put them away” by hiding them. I can hear their giggles as they were “cleaning up.” I can picture them running around, looking for good spots. I’ve found the animals under the pillows on the couches. I’ve found them in drawers. I really spurted out a howl when I found the zebra in my toothbrush drawer. And I have no idea how many beanies I pulled out that day, nor do I know how many I’ve found so far. I may be running across these creatures for months to come.

The nice thing is that each discovery is another reminder of my precious niece (and I’ve got a bunch of them…and some awesome nephews), a reminder of how blessed I am to have the family I have. And it prolongs the time she was here physically, and connects our hearts.

DAY 298 HOMEWORK: Spending some time with a kindred? Leave a little of yourself behind, and it will bring up a happy memory. Thanks for the lesson, Kimbre!