Day 302: Where are you?

All my thinking the past few days about emotional intelligence and micro expressions has led me back to Paul Ekman. I’ve written about him before. He was the inspiration for a TV show I liked a few years ago called Lie to Me, in which an FBI consultant came in to read people’s expressions to help them solve crimes. The series was loosely based on Ekman’s work the past 40 years.

There’s controversy whether Ekman’s work is reliable or not. I mentioned that before when I saw a local TBI investigator talk about micro expressions. On either side of the discussion, it’s a pretty fascinating topic.

Dr. Ekman and his daughter Eve, have recently put together an interesting website called the atlas of emotions at the request of the Dalai Lama. The atlas of emotions goes through various stages of 5 or 6 emotions. No matter what you think about the  Lama, the website is interesting, and there’s lots to look through, and apply to your own life. I think their main purpose is to try to help people raise their own level of emotional intelligence. Being aware is the first step. So take a look.

DAY 302 HOMEWORK: Check out the Atlas of Emotions and see if you can identify your emotions at the current moment. Click through some of the pages to learn more. Leave me a comment; I’d love to know what you’re thinking.


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