Day 303: Restfully busy

I’m enjoying Sundays these days. I went to church early to work on this new project I’m a part of. It’s a quiet project that I mostly do on my own, but at the same time, it ends up helping lots of people. It’s nice when you can do something somewhat anonymously, but still have a great impact. Following a great time of worship, I got gas, went through the car wash, picked up a few groceries for lunch, and headed home.

My daughter-in-love and I made lunch together. It was a new recipe she had picked up at the grocery store where she works, so we were anxious to try it out. It definitely lived up to its premiere. Nacho shrimp salad…Yum!

By then, I was pretty tuckered out, so I laid down for a nap and slept hard…you know, one of those naps where you feel you could just crawl under the covers and sleep for the rest of the day? But I didn’t. After about an hour, I got up and, after taking my niece to work, the rest of us went back to church to find new small groups for the series that’s starting this week.

Though meeting new people can be a bit awkward, it was rewarding, and I found someone who likes to take photos, so hopefully that will turn out good for our next quarter’s magazine. All in all, the event was full of great “finding kindred” moments, so I’m really glad we went.

On the way home, we picked up my niece from work, and we came home and watched a movie together. It was a busy, yet restful day. The only bad thing? It’s the reminder that tomorrow is Monday!

DAY 303 HOMEWORK: My biggest takeaway from today was that you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone in order to make changes. It’s true in almost every part of life. What is it in your life that needs change right now? Look for where you’re most comfortable and see what you can stretch in order to produce growth. For me, it was going to this small group event tonight. Now, name your needed change, and make plans to do something about it.


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