Day 304: Rain, rain, go away…for now

Five years ago, Nashville had what many named a 500-year flood. Now, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas, are under water, and places that haven’t been flooded in known-history are inundated. More rain is expected. Such tragedy!

I saw on Facebook today that my nephew was worried about his mom who lives there. Thankfully, he posted later today that she got out ok. Since he grew up in Baton Rouge, I know he’s got lots of friends who have been affected.

My co-worker’s father-in-law and her nephew in Baton Rouge both had major flooding. The nephew and his wife had just moved into their first home 10 days ago. All their new appliances and furniture is ruined. I know it’s just stuff, but what heartbreak for them.

Today at work, I spent much of the day researching and writing communications for our associates in that area who have been affected. Nearly 30 of them have had dramatic flooding issues! That’s more than were affected by Nashville’s flooding, though we have a high concentration of associates in this area because of our corporate headquarters. I can’t imagine what it must be like right now down in Louisiana.

We have a fund that helps our associates in these kinds of disasters, which I’m very grateful for. I’ve never needed to take advantage of that fund (thank God!); nevertheless, I love the way our company takes care of each other. We’re going to be doing a donation drive to collect items for people down south. I have no doubt that we’ll be able to help with all our associates’ needs. That’s the type of culture we have.

I don’t know what happens to those people who don’t have such a support system, from either their work or their church. I guess they’re dependent on insurance and federal disaster funds. In these types of situations, we see the very best and the very worst of people come out. Mostly, it’s the very best, as people bind together and help each other. And that’s what I’m hoping happens for the people of Louisiana right now. I know we’ll do our part. Hopefully, if each of us gives a bit of ourselves, all the needs will get addressed.

DAY 304 HOMEWORK: Pray for the people who live in the Baton Rouge area. Some are experiencing loss like they never have before. If you get a chance, lend a hand or provide some money or supplies for the needs that will be vast.


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