Day 305: Together is best

I joined a women’s Bible study today. Though I was tired after a long and crazy day of work, and my sister texted to say traffic was backed up on the way home due to an accident, and I really wanted to go home to relax, I decided I’d go anyway. I got through the traffic and made it to the new place right on time!

I walked into an older home that was beautifully decorated and it smelled so yummy! I immediately felt relaxed and was glad I didn’t listen to the negative spirit that tried to keep me away. This small group has 2 leaders; one is the facilitator, and the other is the hostess. Besides me and the co-leaders, there was only one other person there. The new person introduced herself as Amber, and we found we had quite a bit in common. The evening fell into an easy rhythm.

After a slice of thick and gooey pizza, we settled into our discussion. We were talking about the pastor’s message from Sunday, which was on Romans 10. I’ll have to admit that Romans is not my favorite book of the Bible. It’s language is rather technical, and often repetitive, so I have to think hard when I read it. But it is profound, and so digging into the book has been good for me.

Tonight’s discussion was about doing works for salvation vs. working because we have salvation. So often we think we have to do stuff in order to be good enough for God to forgive us of our wrongdoings, but the Bible clearly teaches that salvation is only from God through belief in Jesus’s death and resurrection. Works won’t help us. However, works do help other people, so we should do works because we’ve been granted salvation.

It’s easy to get confused on that. Especially when we’re perfectionists, we tend to think we have to do everything “right” in order to show God our value. In truth, God values us as we are, and he wants a relationship with us. It’s quite mind-boggling.

It was a great discussion, and instead of feeling more exhausted when I left the group, I felt energized for having connected with these women. I’m glad I went and wrestled with some of the language in that chapter. In struggle, we truly grow.

DAY 305 HOMEWORK: There are many takeaways from this evening, but maybe the biggest one for now is to not let the negativity spirit talk you out of something you’re doing for your own growth. The other thing is to feel free to struggle with what’s in the Bible. Not everything will make sense, but it’s good to find people you can talk with about it. You may help someone else, or they may help you, but together is best.


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