Day 307: To do, or not to do…

The other night at my small group, the opening question was “Do you make to-do lists? If so, why?” I’ve thought about that question a lot, and my answers show progress, sort of. A year ago, I would have definitely said yes. I do make to-do lists and I make them a lot. I make them daily and sometimes I rewrite them when they get messy and I want to see what’s left, but only if t’s on a clean sheet of paper.

In honesty, I still tend to rewrite a messy, scratched off to-do list. But I mostly only do that at work these days. It does keep my team on track, and it helps me to remember what I need to follow up on, and what I need to report to my boss. We have an app, called Trello, that helps us with our lists, and I do love it, especially from a broader strategic prospective, but I still like the feeling of crossing things off on a piece of paper.

I used to be very specific on my to-do lists. If I did something, I would add it to the list so at the end of the day, I really felt accomplished. I don’t do that anymore. I may forget what got done, but it’s ok. It’s done, so I don’t need to worry about it. These days, I tend to write down the three most important things I need to accomplish tomorrow. I don’t always get them done, so I add the ones I didn’t do to the next night’s list. Eventually, I’m going to get those 3 most important things done. And the cycle keeps going, week after week.

I don’t do the to-do lists at home very often anymore, but maybe I should, at least a little. I have tons of projects started but not finished, because I’m trying to get to them as I think of them, rather than being reminded that I have to do them. The problem with that process is that I don’t usually remember to think about them until I’m in bed, or at work the next day.

I’m working on being more spontaneous. At living in the moment. At being ok with things as they are. I’m trying to simplify so I don’t have as many things to think about, but I think the process of simplifying can be a bit complicated. I’ll get there.

Maybe I should go make a list…

DAY 307 HOMEWORK: Maybe the homework is on making a to-do list if you don’t, or maybe it’s on NOT doing one, if you do. I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s on the complex process of simplifying. Pick something that will help you right now, and just do that one thing. That is more than enough.


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