Day 311: Without words

There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you, and there are others who will understand you without speaking a word. 

I saw this quote today, and while I don’t know who said it originally, it rang about in my head for a while, peeling out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say. You could give the most brilliant speech, or you could simply be sharing from your heart over a cup of coffee, and some people will not get you. That’s ok. You don’t need everyone to get you. If everyone understood each other, we’d be in heaven, and we’re certainly not, so we can’t expect it now.

What took me a long time to understand is that it’s perfectly fine for not everyone in the world to connect with me, to like me, to even understand me. It seems that if I found someone like that, I would work that much harder to be understood, to be liked, and the tragedy is that, in the pursuit of conquering ALL hearts, I left some precious hearts behind, hearts who understood me without words, hearts who liked me for who I was, with all my flaws.

I’m not sure what made me think that I had to conquer all hearts. But looking back, it was such a silly pursuit. I went for all and ended up with practically nothing. Oh, I know I’m overly blessed with people who love me, but my “practically nothing” refers to the number of wonderful people I let slip off into the land of “Once Knew.” It makes my heart sad for all the moments that could have been if I hadn’t been flittering about, trying to be lovable to people who would never get me.

I know that it’s not good to rehearse regrets, and I’m really not, but our small groups are talking this week about advice we’d give to our younger selves, and this is one lesson that I wish I had learned in my youth. I spend my days now focusing on those who get me when words are not necessary, and if just one person can learn this lesson from my silly choices, then that would be good for them and one less regret down the road.

DAY 311 HOMEWORK: Do you have advice for a younger you? What would that be? Share it with someone just getting into adulthood. Then, spend your week cultivating friendships with those who get you without words.