Day 314: Analysis, not paralysis

I don’t usually take quizzes on social media. Many of them are silly. What type of dog would you be? What was your role in a previous life (Ha!)? If you were a princess, what color would your pony be? They usually make less sense to me than a story problem in math. But today I saw one that intrigued me.

I’ve written before about my love for psychological thinking. I love studying Strengthsfinder, or Myers-Briggs, or any number of analyses. When I take these types of assessments, I’m always amazed at how similar they are, and how accurately they end up describing my personality. Not really sure how that happens, but the psychology behind some of them can somehow make them spot on.

Today’s test was something similar to that. It was a Play Buzz quiz on defining personality characteristics. In the test, there were maybe 10 questions and they were all related to photos. Pick the photo that makes you feel X. What emotion does this photo evoke? I went through the quiz and thoughtfully responded. This was the assessment:

You are sensitive, melancholic, and a perfectionist
(Ha! And I thought I’d made progress on that one!)

You are a very emotional, caring and dedicated person.
You believe that there is a bigger picture in life,
one that we can’t really see, but we can feel (Very true!).

Although you tend to get melancholic,
your ability to empathize for others is a true gift
and you possess a sort of kindness that is rare. 

Both the Strengthsfinder and Myers-Briggs has my empathy off the charts. (I’m quite sure I’ve blogged about that before…remember, too much of a strength can truly be a weakness. It’s one I have to keep an eye on.)

Anyway, I found this short assessment to be quite on target. And even though I went back and forth on the melancholic descriptor, because I’m quite an optimist, I probably would agree that I have melancholic tendencies. And one other note I saw on melancholy tied it to being pensive, and I’m very much a thinking person (it’s called intellection in Strengthsfinder…it sounds like smart, but it’s the need to let your brain process on something for a while…that’s definitely me.)

Looks like I’ve got some more work to do on my perfectionistic tendencies; nevertheless, I am who I am, and I know that I was crafted this way for a purpose. I enjoy working through each day to figure out that purpose. Empathizing with others helps me to be caring and kind, and I know that my parents instilled dedication for (or being committed to something), and maybe that’s where I see optimism. I know I can accomplish things, and I can carry through to completion. It’s a matter of the will for me.

I enjoyed that little quiz, and pondered it throughout the day. After tumbling around in my head, I figured I’d better share it with you, and finally let it out to be free.

DAY 314 HOMEWORK: Most of those silly quizzes aren’t worth the time, but sometimes you can find one that might prove valuable. If you have a Strengthsfinder or Myers-Briggs assessment, a fun social media quiz might just confirm a few things for you. Throw out the junk and hold on to the parts are honorable.



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