Day 315: Deception

Wow! Do I feel silly! Yesterday, I was all excited by a little quiz that matched my Myers-Briggs test, and now I feel a little like the Emperor must have felt when the child cried out that he didn’t have any clothes on, when he had been sold on the linens he had purchased as the purest silk. Like the Emperor, I convinced those around me that the quiz was right on, and I had convinced myself that I had found one that wasn’t silly. I was deceived, and I deceived others.

Truth is, everybody I know who took the test got the exact same results as I did. Probably somebody could get a variation, but it’s a good thing none of us paid to take that quiz, or staked some kingdom on the results!

As I got to thinking about that deception, I reflected on how easily it is to be mislead by people. I know it’s been going on for a long, long time, but today’s technology can make anything seem good, right, and true. My niece has been looking for an old, but reliable car for not much money, and man, it sure has been hard to trust what people are saying. How can we possibly know that something is going to be good enough for her or not? It has to be reliable enough for her to make an 8-hour road trip home, if needed, so we can’t just get any car. And most people are getting rid of their cars because there’s something that’s not quite right about them.

The other thing I reminded myself about is that I’m not going to be right all of the time. That’s what this past year’s journey has been about for me. Instead of being mortified that I got sucked in by a little quiz that doesn’t really mean much, and that I could wax poetic about it, I can now laugh it off, and say, “Oh, well!” It was just for fun anyway. There was some truth to it for me, but it was truly generic enough that it could apply to most anyone. So lesson learned: trust my gut…those internet quizzes are mostly a waste of time. That’s OK,  so long as I only expose myself to my small group of followers, who I also know will show me grace and laugh at the silliness with me.

DAY 315 HOMEWORK: How are you doing on your journey? Are you letting go of the need to be perfect? Can you laugh at your “heartfelt” mistake, and refuse to let it define you? Keep walking with me, and we’ll get there together.


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