Day 316: Sucker for a scrap

Sometimes you just get sucked in. Someone makes a comment on social media, and another person argues, and pretty soon more people join in the conversation to defend one side or another. I’ll admit: sometimes I read the posts for a while. They can be entertaining. It doesn’t matter if it’s about politics or a bad business review, or someone simply complaining about other people complaining. It’s easy to get sucked in to the drama, but really? I mean, why even waste the time to read about how silly people sound?

I saw two such debates online tonight. One was political and one was about a local restaurant’s service. Neither made me want to pick a side, and in fact, they made me want to get off social media right away.

People often post one post on top of another, and it’s almost like I can hear them getting louder and louder with each post. It’s quite uncomfortable, and so I don’t even know why I page through them. If I even spend two minutes looking through the comments, that’s two minutes totally wasted. No edification comes from it, whatsoever. I know some people read those things because it can get funny, but mostly, I find it to be sad. It’s the state of the human heart bleeding all over a newsfeed.

Writing isn’t the place to argue or debate. It’s nearly impossible to get intonation from words alone. What someone meant as concern can appear to be smart-alecky, or what another meant to be help can sound as attacking. Even if the author apologizes, it can sound something contrary to what was truly meant, so my advice? Just let it go. You won’t change anyone’s point of view in a 100-character post. If you see something that gets your blood boiling, let it go. If you don’t, you end up sounding like the irritable one, and your influence will go out the window.

DAY 316 HOMEWORK: If you like to read through those dramatic threads, do yourself a favor and close out of the program. You’ll gain time in your day, and your mind may even stay less irritable. If you’re tempted to argue though a post, do yourself an even bigger favor: just scroll on by and retrain yourself not to take the bait. You’ll be better off for it!


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