Day 317: Taking out the garbage

Yesterday, my daughter-in-love and I spent a good long time deep cleaning the kitchen. We pulled out appliances, washed windows, cleaned out some garbage, organized some areas. It really needed a good cleaning, and it felt good to work on it. Afterwards, we had several bags of garbage to take out, and several bags of recycling. We got most of the bags out, but one was only half-full, and I thought it was a recycling bag, so I left it sitting there so we could round up any other plastics that needed to go out.

Today, when we got home from church, there was something smelling terribly. I thought it was from the recent trash we took out, so I sprayed some smelly stuff around, and headed out to take some photos downtown Nashville for work. We were gone an hour or so, and when we got home, I was surprised to find that the spray hadn’t worked. It actually smelled worse than it had earlier. So I walked around to see if I could tell where the smell was coming from. Maybe a mouse died in the air ducts or something?

I started in the fridge. That wasn’t likely since we had cleaned out the day before…but hey, stranger things have happened. The smell wasn’t in the fridge. I sniffed the garbage can. Nothing there. We moved through the bedrooms to see if that was where the smell radiated from. Nope! I went back to the laundry room where the garbage had been sitting, and it wasn’t even smelling in there. I finally walked to the half-bag of “recyclables” and immediately knew I had found the culprit. I dug through the bag a bit and realized it wasn’t plastics and cardboard after all. It was real garbage and I had thrown a bag of kale away the day before that was getting wilty. By now, it was in full-blown rotten mode. Gagging my way out of the house to the garbage can, I finally got the horrid smell out of my home.

I came back in and sprayed the smelly stuff again. As I did, I got thinking about how our attitudes can be somewhat like that bag of “recyclables.” We can find ourselves with an irritation that we stuff down inside, and we let it sit there. We can make our outsides look and smell good, but if that irritation festers, it can smell up everything about us. We have to deal with the attitude in order for things to be back to a place where everyone isn’t gagging around us.

DAY 317 HOMEWORK: It’s ok to have a smelly attitude sometimes. That’s life. Stuff wilts. Stuff can even go rotten. But it’s best to deal with the attitude early so it doesn’t affect everyone around you. Any attitudes that you need to take out? Better do it now.


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