Day 318: Going for a ride

I haven’t seen the color of the sunrise for a long time. I used to be a pretty good morning person, but I do like to sleep, and so the thoughts of early morning aren’t necessarily on the top of my head these days. Nevertheless, my niece had to be to work by six, and so I got up to help her get there.

My niece is actually in the process of buying a car. She found one that she fell in love with, and you’d think it would be a shiny little thing, but she fell in love with a 1988 Cadillac. A boat. A tank. Whatever you want to call it, it makes her break out into a huge smile every time she talks about it. We took it for a drive the other day, and it was smooth, after all these years. Of course, we’re having a mechanic look it over for issues before we trade in her hard-earned money for it, but it’s hard not to support her on it when she’s so giddy about her ride.

The young man who is selling the car was such a pleasant kid. He said the car was his grandfather’s and he had inherited it when his grandfather passed away 2 years ago. He spoke of the car fondly, and said his grandpa only drove the car to church and to Dollar General. That’s why the old gal has such low mileage on it. Oh, it’s got its age spots and a few deep scars, but for all its long life in car years, it actually sounded young at heart and felt more homey than my two-month old zippy car. Mine is a baby in comparison (an adorable baby, coos his mother fondly).

I asked my niece if she really wanted such an old boxy car, and she said yes, that she can park next to people and not worry about whether someone dings her doors or not. She feels safe in the large car, and she did her research to see what other owners were saying about that type of car. I admired her viewpoint and her enthusiasm for this car that was a source of nostalgia for its current owner. She loves the idea of buying from someone who has attachment to the car, not for the car’s sake, but because of the love of his grandfather.

I hope the mechanic comes back with no deal breakers because it would be a shame, after all this love, to let the car go, and it would be a bigger shame to break her heart. Hopefully, it will all go well and she gets her ride soon.

DAY 318 HOMEWORK: We’re doing due diligence on this car to make sure it will be the best buy it possibly can be. That’s not what I did with that quiz the other day. In thinking about that silly judgment call, I might have waited to blog about the car, in case it turns out to be a lemon. But, I’m trying to show my new way of thinking…it’s ok to get things wrong. Hopefully, this one will turn out perfectly for her. Homework? Just pray that my niece gets a good, safe car and that it might even turn out to be the desire of her heart: an old Caddy.


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