Day 321: Reflections

Ah! A holiday weekend begins, and I’m looking forward to sleeping some of it away. Remember, it was a crazy week for me, and I’ve definitely not gotten my 8 hours of shut eye per night…I’m certainly dragging.

Nevertheless, I do have a couple of projects I’d like to get done around the house, and I definitely want to go help my sister on her renovation. It’s almost done and it will be nice to help boost the last leg of her race.

I have one particular project that I’ve been dreaming about for almost 6 months, and maybe if I write the goal out loud, then I’ll be motivated to actually complete it. It’s one of those “it’d be nice if” projects so I’m a bit anxious to get it done, but not too motivated to do the work, if you know what I mean. I promise, when I get it done, I’ll post it here so you can see what I’m envisioning.

The nice thing about the holiday weekend, besides the time off from work, is the possibility of feeling accomplished. And, as an extra measure, the humidity is going to be low this weekend, so there should be no excuses to make some headway, or even have some kindreds over.

I’m going to close with a fav quote that I don’t think about enough. Hopefully, it will cause you to think, and may motivate you this long weekend:

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! 

DAY 321 HOMEWORK: None tonight. It’s too late, and you need to go into this holiday weekend with one less thing to do.


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