Day 322: How we see things

I was listening to The Brant Hansen Show this morning on Way-FM, and they were talking about a topic connected to my Finding Kindreds theme, about time spent digitally taking away time from people interactions. Honestly, I thought in the moment, “Oh, that’s what I’m going to blog about tonight.” But, with my memory, I remember saying that it was what I wanted to blog about, but have no idea of what the quote actually was. Obviously, I can’t blog about it tonight, but if it comes to me, I’ll revisit it another day.

Anyway, I went to the Way-FM website to see if I could listen in on this morning’s show, and they hadn’t posted it yet. So I started listening in on yesterday’s podcast. I usually get to work in the middle of one of their segments, so I rarely get a chance to hear the end of the story. I find Sherri, the producer, has a joy that is contagious and I laugh just hearing her laugh, and Brant is straight-forward, and I love his quirky personality.

At the end of yesterday’s show, they added a bonus discussion that wasn’t on the radio, and they were talking about different approaches to Christianity, theirs, of course, being a “tell it how we see it” approach.

Sherri said something like: “We’ve bought in to the world’s caricature of Christians, and so we water down our language to make people comfortable, when most people would rather us say how we see things as long as we’re respectful of them.”

That really made me stop and consider my views. I rarely share things how I see them, at least in a conversation, about most any topic. I’m much more likely to share my views on paper [or a screen]. I often don’t feel cohesive enough to have conversations with people about how I see things. I tend to beat myself up later, thinking, “I should have said this…or that…or whatever” Then I get frustrated with myself for not presenting a clear message. It’s the outcome of having too many thoughts flying at my brain and having to sort through them, while trying to clarify what I’m formulating…that’s too many synapses going off at one time.

Nevertheless, it was a good challenge to help me to break down walls I tend to build up. Let me just share from my heart, respectfully. Not everyone will agree with me, but it’s still fine to give myself permission to call things as I see them. It’s a good thing to take to heart for today.

DAY 322 HOMEWORK: Do you allow yourself to water down your thoughts, ideas, and opinions? Give yourself permission to be who you are. Share from your heart, and as long as you’re respectful, people will respect that. Not everyone may agree, or even be kind back, but they will respect your respectfulness, and that goes a long way.