Day 323: Your #1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about idols, and the many things we tend to idolize, without realizing it. It can be our spouses, our kids, our jobs, our friends,  a vehicle, TV, a phone, video games, social media, not to mention sports figures or musicians, or a myriad of other things.

Even with the best of intentions, we can turn people or things in our lives into idols that take our time, our money, our relationships, and sometimes the very things that we idolize. And then we wonder why we don’t have time to pray or study, or do acts of service like we should

An author I like, Ted Dekkar, recently wrote a little book that is, as far as I now, different from his many other books, at least the ones I’ve read. It was a 42-page ebook called, The Forgotten Way, and in it, he was talking about a journey that he’s been on that is similar to the one I’m on. He was tired of not going deeper in his spiritual life and wanted to break through to figure out why. I’ll let you search out the book to read it for yourself, but there was one sentence that particularly resonated with me because of the things I’ve been pondering:

You will only see who you are and thus be who you are as you surrender your attachments to all other identities, which are like gods of a lesser power that block your vision of your true identity and keep you in darkness.

I dwelt on that a while. If we use the list I mentioned earlier, is it possible that any of those things block our vision of our true identity (in Jesus), and keep us from going deeper in our spiritual walk?

Even good and perfect gifts can block our vision if we’re not careful. We have to be vigilent so that no one or no thing takes God’s place as #1. And it has to be more than just saying it…it’s our behaviors that will give us away.

DAY 323 HOMEWORK: What’s blocking your vision? Can you think of anything you’ve put #1, ahead of your relationship with God? If so, confess it so you can grow exponentially. And if you have a moment, go download Ted’s ebook called The Forgotten Way. It’s a pretty quick read.


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