Day 325: Shutting the door on summer

It was a productive holiday weekend: got a ton of projects done, spent time with family, and slept a lot. I’m still tired because I worked hard, but the feeling of accomplishment goes a long way toward overcoming the achy muscles, and the heading-back-to-work doldrums.

Typically, Labor Day ushers in “fall” though autumn doesn’t officially start for a several weeks yet. However, now that we’re back into a rhythm with a new school year, the “summer” vacation season has all but wrapped up, and people seem to want pumpkin, and bonfires, and they may even think about pulling out their long-sleeved wear. Of course, in middle Tennessee, it was still hot enough to get a sunburn today, so the body wars within itself, battling heat as the mind wants fresher, cooler air.

In truth, I love fall. I love the changing leaf colors; I love to pull out my long sleeves; and I especially love getting away from the intense heat of summer. I wasn’t made for summer. Some people can bask in the sun; I truly enjoy hiding from the sun…not that I don’t like sunshine. I do. But I don’t care to be in its excess heat.

I guess that’s like just about anything. There’s stuff we like, and there’s stuff we don’t like. Every season has its good and bad parts. Every day has its ups and downs. We won’t be happy 100% of the time. We won’t make people happy 100% of the time. The key, I find, is to enjoy beauty where you can find it; try to soak up the positive and leave the negative behind. Make the most of the opportunities you get, as you get them. Take care of yourself, and spend time with those you love. That, makes a great holiday, and that, makes a fantastic every day.

DAY 325 HOMEWORK: None tonight. Hoping you had a relaxing, long weekend, and as you start back to work tomorrow, that you will find it to be a refreshing week.


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