Day 335: More, and better

I mentioned the other day that I was doing the Lysa TerKeurst/Proverbs 31 Ministries online Bible study called Uninvited. It’s been quite interesting with various media every day. Sometimes it’s a written study, almost always accompanied by a video chat with the hostesses. Sometimes it’s a link to a video by Lysa herself, teaching from the Holy Land. Sometimes it’s a Q&A session, or a blog chat. I love that they change it up all the time.

Today was a video from the Holy Land. I love the type of learning where I can see something in location and understand it at once, and this was one of those studies. Lysa was teaching about Peter and the time Jesus asked Peter if he loved him “more than these.” While we don’t truly know what “these” refers to, Lysa made the application that Jesus could have been talking about the overwhelming number of fish that they had just pulled out of the sea.

Remember early in his ministry, Jesus was calling these fishermen to be his disciples, to be fishers of men. Lysa pointed to a scripture that mentioned the exact number of fish (I think it was 153), and she explained that fishermen in the day were pretty choosy about their fish. They were taxed on their fish, so they knew how many they had and they chose the best. This led them to easily discard a large number if they didn’t fit what they wanted.

But, she said, in this passage where Jesus was asking about “more than these,” Lysa pointed out that Jesus was asking Peter to move from Fisherman to Shepherd. Jesus gave 3 instructions that, in some versions of the Bible, seem to be redundant. What she explained was that the first response Jesus made, “Feed my lambs,” referred to the first step a Shepherd did each morning. He knew the baby lambs by name; he would cuddle them and feed them.

The next response was “Lead my sheep.” That referred to the Shepherd then leading the herd down from their protective overnight place to where they could safely graze. The third response was “Feed my sheep.” Here, the Shepherd watched over the sheep as they all had a chance to feed and grow. The picture, she said, was of someone who was now to be a leader of the Church by taking care of the followers, from the newest in the “flock” to the ones who need to be fed.

I love that Jesus calls us to become different than we once were. He calls us to get outside our comfort zones. He calls us to be more, and better, and while that is going to look differently for each us, the call is the same: personal and loving.

DAY 335 HOMEWORK: She definitely explained the Fishermen and Shepherds better than I did so if you have 15 minutes, watch the video. It won’t be up for long. Better yet, going the Bible study so you don’t miss out on any more of it! You won’t be sorry!



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