Day 339: Bringing down the house

Termites. They’re hungry little buggers. I’m sure they serve a great purpose in this world, but I really have no idea what that purpose is. A few years ago, my son accidentally found that we had been invaded by termites. We were re-doing the front bathroom and he leaned up against one of the bedroom door jambs. With a loud crack, he lost his balance as his hand went though a good portion of the wood. He pulled out his pocket knife and after a second or two, we realized it was termites. Thankfully, they hadn’t been eating for long. If he hadn’t been leaning there, we might not have seen it, and might have lost a bigger portion of the room.

So we called the termite people, who confirmed, indeed, we had termites. (Wonder if the large trails in the door jamb gave it away?) The good news was that it wasn’t bad at all, and that they could be eliminated with some bait traps and a chuck of money. The lady termite person was so knowledgeable about termites, and when she came back to check the traps, she was also quite helpful. Soon, the termites disappeared.

A week or two ago, while cleaning out my garage, I notice some familiar trails on the concrete floor. I called the termite people, and they came out to inspect. Yep, they were back in a small area. But then, no one followed up with me beyond the report. So I reached out. They’re coming back out this week to treat the house. Obviously, our clay soil is ideal for these little bugs, so I can’t go without termite protection. And since we live in stick   houses, it’s something we’ll need to keep our eyes on.

I find that some things in our lives can be like the termite. We don’t really notice that it’s around. It eats at you, quietly and steadily, until some part of the structure starts to fall apart. Maybe the termite represents bitterness, or unforgiveness. Maybe it’s anger, or pessimism. Whatever it is, get some help fast to get it cleaned out. If you leave it to fester, you may lose more than you want.

DAY 339 HOMEWORK: What’s your termite? Pick it out and then watch for it closely. Get the help you need to eliminate it. It’s not something you want to play around with or wait too long on…just a wee bitty thing can be incredibly destructive!


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