Day 348: Sing back to me

I am a collector of quotes. They give me ideas to dwell on throughout the day, and allow me to share interesting thoughts with others. Of course, I collect quotes I like. Silly sentence! Who would collect quotes they don’t like? Well, I probably do know a couple of people who would.

Anyway, I love the following quote:

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you forget the words.” – Unknown

I wish I knew who Unknown was. I’ll bet he or she would be a kindred. Think about it. If the quote resonates with me, then I connect with Unknown. If Unknown lived next door, we’d have afternoon tea together, or we’d talk over the fence in the evenings. Maybe we’d run errands together, or go see a movie on the weekend.

That’s the interesting part about finding kindreds. It’s often a funny quip, or a pleasant exchange of words that draws us to someone else. It’s the beginning of a conversation. It’s a heart-felt moment shared at the water cooler.

The magic in finding a kindred is in keeping those exchanges going. It’s saying, “Let’s catch up over coffee” and then actually calling to set a date to do that. It’s texting or leaving a voice mail when you’re thinking of someone. It’s putting a beautiful card in the mail. It’s saying you’re praying for someone, and then actually doing it. And maybe following that up with a note of encouragement, or delivering a pie to their home. It’s breaking down our walls that we hide behind, and putting someone ahead of our comfort zone. It’s putting down our phones and really paying attention to those around us. When we can do those things, then we can truly get to know Unknown.

DAY 348 HOMEWORK: What are you doing these days to know the song in Unknown’s heart? They may need you to sing to them at some point, so keep the exchanges going.


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