Day 351: A #FindingKindreds Way of Life

It was a good day. We had the Worship Society for the first few hours of the morning [if you’ve been following me, you’ll know what I’m referring to], and then my little brother arrived in town to spend a few days.

Then he first got here, we walked down the street to talk to a neighbor who is moving out of the neighborhood, and met someone who was helping him with his garage sale. She was a PR person, and had some interesting stories to tell about her work.

After a bit, we got in the car and drove to Franklin, about 40 minutes away. We walked around the mall for a few hours and ate some delicious chicken crepes at the food court. I think I could probably eat those things every day…filling and delicious, and low cal! We went to a few more stores before we left Franklin and headed to Arrington Vineyards to meet up with our cousin whose husband was supposed to be playing there tonight. The Vineyards were on my middle Tennessee bucket list, so I was glad I got a chance to check things out. It’s a beautiful place in the middle of the country, and I’m sure we got our exercise in today because of all the walking we did. The funny part of the story is that our cousin wasn’t even there. There was a date mixup and her husband ended up playing at Opryland Hotel tonight. Well, at least we got to watch him play for a bit on Facebook Live!

I’m so thankful for the moments I get to spend with family…for meeting new people, and for collaborating in a creative way with others I’m getting to know. These kinds of days make life feel fulfilling. It’s not rocket science, at all. It’s simply investing in others and showing real care and interest in what others think. I feel I can go to sleep having had a Finding Kindreds kind of day.

DAY 351 HOMEWORK: Hope you’re finding it easier and easier to live out a Finding Kindreds lifestyle. We’re not going to be perfect at it every day, but for each day that we have success, we will have made others’ lives better and make our own improve.


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