Day 353: Music City Mayhem

Today. Sunny and 70 degrees, with an ever-so-gentle breeze. It was glorious day to be off work, and in Nashville, running around town with my little brother and my daughter-in-love.

We were looking for photos that represented Nashville, and collecting image textures for design, so it was an excellent exercise in creativity, looking at everything through new eyes.

It’s funny how a row of boots in a store can represent a whole culture. Or how about a grate in the sidewalk crammed full of cigarette butts? Each image told a story, and though I wasn’t behind the camera on this day, my eyes were taking in the scenes in pixels instead of as a whole. Vibrant colors. Grungy urban alleys. People, people everywhere…even on a Monday.

We stopped mid-afternoon at a hole in the wall that advertised “the best burger in town,” and it was as incredible as they said. A girl was sitting on a stool in the other room, singing and strumming her guitar, accompanied by her friend from New Jersey. They were good, but I was wondering about how it must be, going out to play on a Monday afternoon in a burger joint that is mostly empty…is there a music future for someone so talented in a sea full of talented fish? In any other community, a singer of this caliber would have been a star, but without the Music City place to shine. Such a paradox!

The hostess had been in Nashville all of three weeks. She came from Maine, and when asked why she came? She just fell in love with the city. Surprisingly, she wasn’t a musician. Nashville has a huge draw; the population is changing daily as people flock to the area.

We hung around town until after rush hour died down, and then headed for home. I have a feeling I’m going to sleep well tonight with almost 10,000 steps logged and so much fresh air and sunshine.

DAY 353 HOMEWORK: Don’t forget to talk with the people around you who are serving you or working quietly. You never know what kind of story you’re going to hear, even if it’s connecting for just a few short minutes.



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