Day 355: Ah! That breeze!

The winds of change are blowing, and while I don’t know where they’re blowing me, I know that the breeze is whipping at the leaves as they swirl about the sidewalk, and it tells me that something different is on the way. It’s something I can feel, but I can’t put into words.

I’ve been praying for a new direction and I know that whatever is coming will have to do with writing. Friends from near and far have been encouraging me, sometimes out of the blue, and the timing has been impeccable. As I pray, an audible answer comes from those surrounding me. It cannot be coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidence, except when I need a provoking word to describe the Providence of God.

It feels a bit like I’m a toy boat bouncing on the cresting waves in the sea. Sometimes I ride the wave high, catching glimpses of the new land; other times, I am pushed under by the dysfunction that surrounds me, especially at work. With a job I love and corporate politics that annoy me as much as the daily news, at times I am clearly enthralled. At times, I am simply confused.

I understand; that’s life. Up. Down. Up. Down. A great job mixed with problems. It’s got problems because there are people, and where there are people, there will be both misery and joy. And while I am in no way motivated by money, money is essential for living, so to let go of something “safe and secure” in favor of something that is more fulfilling, and that allows time for helping others and breathing in the breeze, that is faith. That is leaping. I’m not quite there yet. But something is coming. I’m excited to watch it unfold.

DAY 355 HOMEWORK: What is your “safe and secure”? Is there something God is calling you to let go of, even if it defies conventional logic? There can be a fine line between faith, and foolishness. Yes, God provides if you let go of something solid, but you have to be prepared for a struggle, so be confident he’s calling you to it first so that you can handle any struggle coming your way. Then, pray and ask for wisdom. God will give it to you as you ask (James 1:5 – If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you). Finally, keep making kindreds along the way. You’ll need the guidance, and the prayers.


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