Day 356: Plan. Step. Repeat.

I spent a little time today cleaning out some files at work. I’ve been at my company almost 11 years, and it’s easy to pick up information that you “want to read” but then you never get around to it. I was reminded of that today. I may have made my trash can too heavy for the cleaning crew to carry out tonight. I still have some sorting to do, but it sure feels nice to get rid of some of the clutter [which I need to do more of at home, but that’s another blog for another day!]

Anyway, I found some really interesting papers that I had stuffed in a folder, and it was good to pull them out to remind myself where I’ve been, and what things resonate with my heart. A few years back, I worked with an executive coach and I found tons of material that we had gone through together that confirms areas where I am strong and areas where I need improvement. If we don’t keep that sort of thing in front of us, it’s easy to forget. And maybe it’s comforting to forget.

One of the notes I found talks about individual development plans. We want to keep improving every day, right? Here are a few tips I adapted:

  1. What ideas bring the best value and will make the most difference?
  2. Create bite-sized goals.
  3. Do something, even if it’s a 5-minute progression, every day.
  4. List the obstacles. Name what is holding you back so you are aware.
  5. Get feedback on your progress and find a kindred to support you.
  6. Reflect on what works and what doesn’t.
  7. Teach what you’re learning to someone else.
  8. Repeat.

Sometimes we get held back because the goal seems impossible. Overwhelming. Unreachable. But making a plan and finding just a few minutes a day to move the plan forward can take us places we never dreamed of going. Look at me…I’m just a few days away from my goal of blogging every day for a whole year. I would have never imagined I could actually do this, but bite-by-bite, one day at a time, I’m making it. May something here inspire you.

DAY 356 HOMEWORK: Spend a few minutes and think about step #1. If you get on a roll, do #2 too, so you can start on a journey of progress tomorrow.


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