Day 359: Stifling, in a good way

I mentioned the other day that I was going through some old files to weed out the irrelevant and to simplify my files so that I have just the things I need on hand. In the process, I came across a page from a seminar I went to some time ago, and the title of the page was 50 ways to stop your drama. I’m not going to share all the hints, or I’ll be up all night, but I thought you might enjoy some of the tips. Some of them are common every day sense, but some are clear drama cutters, that I wish I had learned years ago.

  1. Notice patterns: who or what pushes your buttons? (If you know what those things are, then you can work to avoid them.)
  2. Follow through on what you say. (This takes down reasons for people to be angry with you.)
  3. Don’t let anger and irritation pile up. Express it. (I still need to learn to do this.)
  4. Find things you appreciate about your job. (Some days, you’ll need to read that list out-loud to yourself so you don’t walk away prematurely.)
  5. Give some slack to others. (No one is perfect.)
  6. Quit making excuses. (Own it!)
  7. Don’t betray yourself to please others. (Be true to yourself.)
  8. Strive for excellence, not perfection. (Yes, that’s the journey I’ve been on.)
  9. Initiate and build supportive relationships (#FindingKindreds)
  10. Clear your clutter. (Something I work on often, but still have a ways to go.)

The list goes on and on, and there are quite a few items on there about taking care of yourself better (eating right, exercising, sleeping sufficiently, find healthy stress relievers, etc.) Quite a few circled around being present…not living in the past or the future except in little doses. And I really liked the ones about holding true to your values, not compromising, and maintaining your integrity.

What I like about lists like this is that it’s a good reminder of things we probably already know, but the drama often swallows up in the moment. If we’re intentional on the front end, we can breathe through some of the things that irritate us, and not get sucked in to the chaos. It’s worth working on because even a bit of reduction in drama multiplies itself exponentially in peace.

DAY 359 HOMEWORK: Pick one thing off the list that you’d like to work on this week, and see if you can practice it often. As you’re successful, give yourself a little reward, and then do it again.


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