Day 360: We’re falling, America

The empath in me is easily overwhelmed in political seasons. In this particular one we’re in, I’m beyond overwhelmed. I detest all the name calling, both from the stage and in posts from other Americans. My skin crawls with disgust, and such deep sadness. To where have we descended America?

We are all going to end up losers in this next season, no matter who gets elected. We have jabbed at each other, we have rejected each other, we have spread hatred, and bitterness, and stooped to such low levels of human behavior. All of us. Before you think you haven’t, at what point have you shared things you haven’t fact checked or witnessed yourself? Each post allows opportunity for someone to join in on the bashing of fellow Americans, fellow human beings.

I’ve read through some of the threads. Someone will ask an honest question and people jump on the bandwagon to shame them. Someone will have a polite alternative view, and if there were stones that could be thrown on a post, a mob would have gathered to participate in the slaying. In fact, the behavior is mob-like without the stones. People say they have stopped going to church because of what they think “Christians” have become (the term is used loosely, but what kind of witness have we become in Christ’s name?). The ugliest of behaviors jump off the pages. Judgments fly while condemning the judgments of others. Things we would never say to someone, to their faces, are now so easily plastered all over our newsfeeds. What a disgrace!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but a house divided against itself cannot stand. We’re falling, America. Crumbling and sinking in shame. Yes, we have imperfect, immoral and selfish people to choose between in this election, because we are ALL those things, but let’s stop with the slaying of each other; providing the arenas for stonings; and simply holding the coats of those who are throwing the rocks. Please!

DAY 360 HOMEWORK: Pray with me for our country. Oh God, have mercy on this country. I know that all these things must come to pass, and that You are in control, even if we don’t like the choices that we have, and we don’t like the outcome that we get. Yet help us to love one another. Keep our tongues from hatred. Keep our posts from shame, rejection, and judgment. Help us to live in the love that You have given to us, and to share it one with another. Forgive us for what we have become. In Jesus’ name. Amen!


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