Day 362: Are you a Kind Red?

My little brother got an email today from what I guessed was a web developer out of India. He offered to help on the website called “Finding Kind Reds.” It made me laugh OUT LOUD. To tell the truth, some days it might feel easier to find kind Reds than kindreds. But, after specifically practicing to reach out to people this past year, it is much easier to connect with people now, whether or not they are kindreds. We have to connect a bunch to find a few awesome kindreds, well, at least I do. It likely comes easier for some people.

I think I spoke about this guy before, but I was thinking about him again today. His name is Sean Ogle, and Sean quit his job as a Financial Analyst in the corporate world and decided to live like he wanted to. He wanted to travel, so he ended up in Thailand and supported himself there until he had a plan. Today, he has an internet business and he can run it from anywhere in the world so his dream to travel is coming true on a daily basis. The thing he said (whether or not he was quoting someone else) was, “There are only 7 days in a week and Someday isn’t one of them.”

That gives me energy to keep going on the path to figure out what I’m doing next. It’s why I’ve kept up this blog for a whole year. The challenge for me won’t be “someday.” …Someday, I’m going to write for a whole year. It’s today, and I’m living it a step at a time. Who knows what comes up next, but with only a few days away from my finish line, I know that I truly won’t be finished.

DAY 362 HOMEWORK: Have a Someday dream? What can you do today to take a baby step forward to make it a reality? If you can do a baby step, then do it. And do it again tomorrow, and the next day. Pretty soon it will be a year down the road and you’ll be way farther down the path then you dreamed possible!


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